Nourish by Feeding and Educating today for a Lifetime of Well-Being

We at Nourish Our Kids (NOK, pronounced “knock”) are concerned with addressing the alarming childhood obesity statistics in America and the overall decline in children’s health & wellness.

We at Nourish Our Kids™ (NOK, pronounced “knock”) are concerned with addressing the alarming childhood obesity statistics in America and the overall decline in children’s health & wellness.

NOK strives to dramatically improve children’s health and prevent early onset childhood obesity by focusing on young children ages 3-7. At these early ages, children can learn the importance of making positive dietary and lifestyle decisions as they develop and grow, setting the stage for a lifetime of well-being.

NOK aims to achieve its mission with its Healthy Lifestyle Program.  The program’s approach unites an interactive learning style curriculum along with the child’s tangible experiences of eating healthy snack foods.  The 4- or 8-week program provides repetitive, consistent messaging and ongoing interaction. NOK’s goal is to reach as many children as possible in their everyday environment, making the program available for use at educational facilities and for use at home with parents. 


Education Model

Our educational learning model nourishes and teaches young children simultaneously to make healthy lifestyle choices. We professionally designed our curriculum to match the learning and developmental needs for ages 3-4 years old and 5-7 years old. Our curriculum integrates nutrition and wellness education with math, science, literacy, and art, thus targeting many learning styles, modalities, and curriculum areas in the same lessons. The lessons are engaging, fun and interactive to encourage children to learn new healthy habits they will use for the rest of their lives.


The Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum centers around The NOK Rockers and their adventure in our book, The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville.  Junk Food Jammer, the town bully, has cast a spell on the sleepy, tired people of Slowville.  It is up to The NOK Rockers, James, Saranna, and Isaiah, to break the spell. By bringing healthy GO FOODS back to the people and by teaching Junk Food Jammer how much better he can feel by eating them, the NOK Rockers restore the town and its people to their colorful, vibrant selves.


Saranna, Isaiah, and James, as healthy child role models, will excite and guide each child on an educational journey using songs, games, art, movement, cooking, and more.

Children will discover how the foods they eat make them feel and how moving their body can be fun and rewarding. 


Each lesson, whether designed for use at school or at home, is broken down into digestible bits for easy presentation and understanding.  These hands-on, interactive lessons come with everything you need, except for a few common household objects. They also include various visuals and manipulatives to enhance the story and engage children in learning new concepts.

The lessons are packaged together with nutritious snacks in a reusable tote bag, named “GO SnackPax”.  We strongly believe that blending these healthy foods with the lessons will create an overall learning experience integrating a child’s palate, mind, and body.


Nutrition Model

Children’s early years are the best time to train their young palates to appreciate the taste of nourishing GO FOODS, instead of sugary SLOW FOODS. These early years are also the perfect time to introduce them to eating natural and healthy foods made with fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to encourage children to make healthful decisions and empower them to continue to make nutritious choices as they develop and grow.

NOK’s expert dietitians are keenly aware of the daily dietary requirements of children ages 3-7. Healthy standards are at the forefront of our decision-making process. We adopt standards and guidelines with high quality ingredients and a rigorous selection process to ensure that we chose only healthy snacks.  We take many things into consideration when putting together our snack bags:  quality of ingredients, children's motor skill ability, taste appeal, and daily dietary nutritional intake for kid’s young and growing bodies.

We fill our nutritious GO SnackPax with a school weeks’ worth of flavorful, tasty snacks. Quality ingredients matter, so our dietitians highly scrutinize labels to make sure products contain mostly natural and wholesome ingredients.

Foods will NEVER contain artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, unnatural sugars, color dyes, or trans fats. Common allergies are important. We carefully take them into consideration, so your selected allergy free snacks can be accommodated upon request.


NOK Rockers Go SnackPax

The tote bag is a clean, reusable storage bag provided for the child’s week’s snacks and program materials.
The tote image of The NOK Rockers is an immediate and exciting introduction to the characters, James, Saranna, and Isaiah. 

The first week’s bundle of snacks and educational activities arrives with our NOK character designed GO SnackPax tote bag. Each week thereafter, the delivery will include a week’s worth of nutritionally selected, wholesome snacks and customized book flash cards that coordinates the book with the lesson being taught throughout the week. A daily easy-to-follow lesson plan, and various other manipulatives will bring the learning to life over the chosen four- or eight-week program.

We are inviting all parents, caregivers, and educators to JUMP onboard the NOK Express train to enjoy healthy snacks and have fun with your child or students. They will aspire to learn and become a healthy NOK Rocker too like their new friends, James, Isaiah & Saranna! 


Are you tired of searching for healthy natural snacks to feed your young child each week?  Do you want to teach healthy eating?  If your answer is YES, we invite you to JUMP ON BOARD to learn how YOU can join with NOK to nourish, teach, and feed your child.  


Calling all community centers, childcare facilities, and head starts to sign on NOW and learn how the NOK Healthy Lifestyle Program can be provided and funded at your school.

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About Donna Terjesen

The core philosophies of Nourish Our Kids are based on founder, Donna Terjesen’s, experience working as a holistic health counselor, her journey and recovery from a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, being a mother of three daughters, and her core beliefs in embracing a balanced, natural, and wholesome lifestyle to maintaining one’s health and vibrancy.

Donna is passionate about supporting children’s health. Throughout the years, she has dedicated time to service and to spearhead positive food changes to children’s meals in NY state schools and in her local suburban community. She has earned a varied amount of experience working with children and supporting non-profit organizations, such as The Children’s Aid Society and I Have a Dream Foundation, teaching nutrition classes in head-start schools and community after school programs.

Donna is committed to developing philosophies and products that integrate Nourish our Kids curriculum, characters, creatively teach every child at school and at home with their parents about living a healthy and enriched life.  

Donna also has an impressive corporate background with over 30 years of experience, and as an entrepreneur. She is known as a dynamic industry thought leader for spearheading transformative changes.