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Your monthly gift ensures that Nourish Our Kids has the resources it needs to ensure that children all over the country receive the education they need to make healthy life style decisions and avoid obesity.

Monthly giving is:

  • Easy and Convenient: A monthly gift means that you don’t have to remember to send your renewal gift every year.
  • Most beneficial to Nourish Our Kids: Unrestricted dollars help to maintain the infrastructure that Nourish Our Kids needs to deliver successful and effective programs.
  • Easy to Cancel: If you need to change the way you give, one of our donor advocates will make the change for you quickly and easily.

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  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Thank you so very much for coming to our class on Thursday. I learned a lot of new things about my health and everyone's health. Now know soda, candy, and junk food is not good for my health, so I'll cut that habit out. I am sometimes tired. I thought it was because the class is boring, but it's because I don't eat breakfast nor lunch. I'm pretty hungry after school. Sometimes I would get a pizza or a bagel. Sometimes a pack of chips and a soda. Sometimes walk up stairs to the 5th floor gives me a headache, but now I know why!

    Thank you so much!

    8th Grade