Meet the Authors

The NOK Rockers Meet the Authors Fundraising event

Nourish Our Kids, Inc.™ (NOK) welcomes the opportunity to conduct a “meet the authors” fundraising event at your school. In an effort to streamline the process and make sure all enjoy a successful event, we want to make you aware of the following:

  • Preparation for the Event / Pre-Order: NOK will provide a pre- order form for you to distribute to the parents at your school. All pre-order forms must be returned before the event to allow for book signings to be conducted in advance.
  • Fund-raising Opportunity: For each book ordered, NOK will donate $2.00 back to the school or non-profit organization.
  • Class size / Location of Event: To ensure that the children are able to comprehend the story, we recommend no more than 35 students attend each reading and that the event be conducted in a classroom setting.
  • Story Reading: Cut-outs of the NOK ROCKERS (approximately 24” in height) and the other characters featured in the book will be displayed around the room. The story will be read aloud to the children.
  • Post Story Review: After the story is read to the students, they will be asked five questions to make sure that they understood the healthy messages presented in the story. In addition, there will be a short interactive quiz where the students will be shown ten foods to identify which are Healthy Go Foods or Junky Slow Foods. NOK Rocker stickers will be handed out to everyone who participates.
  • Exercise & Music: The NOK ROCKERS will be played at the beginning and end of the event during which time the children will be encouraged to sing-a-long, dance, and move their bodies. There are two options for this section of the presentation. If your school is willing to provide a screen or projector, we would be happy to show THE NOK ROCKERS video that is currently available on our web site, or we can play the song using our own equipment.
  • Reward for Participation: A NOK ROCKER certificate will be prepared for each student who attends the event, making them an official member of the NOK ROCKERS team. The certificates will be provided to the teacher at the end of the event for distribution to all the students accompanied by a NOK ROCKER sticker.
    Note: in an effort to streamline the process, the names of all children must be provided in advance of the event date.
  • Cost: There are no costs for our time and efforts. Our goal is to sell books, to spread the message of good healthy eating to as many children as possible and to give back a small donation to your school or organization for helping us achieve this goal.
  • Materials: Access to an electrical outlet; a smart board or a computer with access to the internet.
  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • In this "fast food nation" of ours today, Donna Terjesen, Nutritional Health Counselor, CEO and Founder of Nourish Our Kids, Inc., has set the tone for aiding parents in a calmer, healthier and most positive way.  She gives simplistic and realistic solutions without medicating our children.  She rewards our children and validates their presence in our lives.  Donna's teachings have given another effective dimension to Parenting Skills Improvement.  I wouldn't want to be without Donna on my team, in supporting the families of today.

    Marriage and Family Therapist
    Steinway Child and Family Services, MA