The NOK Rockers Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum

Based on NOK founder’s, Donna Terjesen prior work as the first Curriculum Director for the Children’s Aid Society’s preschool food and fitness program, and as a health counselor and mom, she recognized the importance of teaching parents and that it’s never too early to introduce healthy lifestyle habits to children in order to prevent childhood obesity before it starts. Nourish Our Kids, Inc. distinguishes itself by implementing an early-intervention curriculum that relies on two key principles: A child’s early years are a valuable time to instill values and knowledge to guide children as they get older, and exercise alone will not prevent obesity; it must be accompanied by nutrition education and lifestyle changes within the entire family.

NOK’s Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum takes a refreshing innovative approach to teaching young children ages 4-7 how to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and encourage good healthy eating and active lifestyle principles by introducing The NOK Rockers as the children’s healthy role models. The NOK Rocker’ characters are incorporated into the lesson plans throughout the six weeks to encourage and lead the lesson plans using stories, the NOK theme song, games, art projects, movement and cooking projects.

The six week curriculum builds as the weeks progress on simple age-appropriate concepts to teach kids about good nutrition, healthy body development, exercise and the fun of exploring healthy foods. In teaching children in school, at home and in their environment of fun and play, NOK’s multi-media approach provides an excellent opportunity to influence children’s decision making about food, health and wellness early which in return will support a lifetime of good habits.

Please contact us now to learn how you can take a step toward improving the health of our kids by getting your “free” copy of the NOK Rockers Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum and to learn about our SCHOOL FUNDRAISING PROGRAM. For every NOK Rocker book sold though a school, nonprofit organization, parent-teacher association, NOK will donate $2 back to the school to support fundraising efforts.

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  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Thank you for coming in and teaching our class about Nutrition and health. I have heard many guest speakers and I must say, I enjoyed and learned the most from you. It was a pleasure listening to your interesting and helpful facts. Because of you, I will change my lifestyle, in a good way. I thought that this was going to be a boring lecture but within ten minutes it was the best one I have ever had the pleasure to listen and learn about. I am thrilled about starting a new, fresh start to my life style because of you. I am going to live on a healthy, balanced diet which will help me to a more fun and successful life! I am so excited that I am starting right away. Thank you once again for coming in on your busy lives and talking to our class.


    8th Grade