Be Healthy

Tips for improving your family’s diet and health

  1. Drink more water – our bodies are made up of 70% water, which is needed to survive and thrive.

  2. Eliminate foods containing harmful chemicals like aspartame, saccharin, sorbital and splenda.

  3. Read labels — if there is an unfamiliar or unrecognizable ingredient, then DON’T BUY IT!

  4. Eat whole minimally processed foods — replace refined carbohydrates (white flour) with whole or multi-grains. Eating these foods will help reduce sugar cravings and spikes in your blood sugar levels.

  5. Load up on color using foods of at least 5 different colors at each meal. Eating this way will ensure you will be getting an abundance of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber and phytochemicals with every meal.

  6. Eat more fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables daily. Studies have shown that nine servings per day are most beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

  7. Eliminate processed hydrogenated fats and oils. Scientific studies link the use of these fats to an increase in cholesterol levels, coronary heart disease and breast cancer. Olive oil is your best source for cooking and salad oil. Some healthy alternatives are butter, flaxseed oils, fish oils, coconut oil and other essential fatty acids.

  8. Limit the amount of sugar your body intakes on a daily basis. Sugar robs precious minerals from your body leaving you dehydrated with less energy and more cravings. These side effects will eventually lead to excess weight gain and possibly a more serious disease, Diabetes Type II.

  9. Create time for yourself to support your immune system, unwind and reduce stress. One suggestion is to create a daily exercise program that can include walking, exercise, meditation or yoga.

  10. Create at least one meal a day with your family. Any food made with love creates its own energy sources to support you and your family’s immune system.

Overall and most importantly, create an environment for sharing laughter, a lifetime of traditions and priceless memories!

  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Thank you for the book! It fit in perfectly because we are learning about food. The book definitely reminded me of a TV show. After we finished the story, a lot of the boys shared that they liked the book because of the adventure, when the rock star changed, etc. Best of luck!

    Teacher, PS 193