About Nourish Our Kids

Who We Are

Nourish Our Kids (NOK) aims to prevent obesity by educating kids about healthy eating and exercise. The core philosophies of NOK are based on founder Donna Terjesen’s experience and work as a holistic health counselor, her journey and recovery from a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1992, being a mother of three children, and her core beliefs in adopting a balanced, natural and healthy lifestyle.

Statistics show that children can achieve long term health benefits when early interventions are used and they are exposed to healthy lifestyle practices. Nourish Our Kids uses its healthy peer-role model characters, The NOK Rockers, in early intervention school curriculums targeting young children ages 4-7 years old, using storybooks, music and games. The NOK characters, along with simple age appropriate teaching techniques, are used in tandem to coach children on how to make healthy lifestyle choices and decisions on their own and to share the information they learn with their families.

By using the healthy NOK brand and products in your homes and schools, our hope is to encourage and empower parents and educators to support a lifetime of healthy living choices for our children.

  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Thank you for the book! It fit in perfectly because we are learning about food. The book definitely reminded me of a TV show. After we finished the story, a lot of the boys shared that they liked the book because of the adventure, when the rock star changed, etc. Best of luck!

    Teacher, PS 193