About Nourish Our Kids

NOK’s Contributions and Impact on Change

Nourish Our Kids’ involvement with various child advocacy associations and groups, and founder Donna Terjesen’s certifications, experience and background in nutrition and holistic health, have allowed Donna and NOK to support health education and impact positive change. A sample representation of NOK’s accomplishments is listed below:

Speaking Engagements & Lectures

  • Conducted quarterly health forums at local libraries, community centers and book stores;
  • Participated in NYC’s “No Junk” legislation that supported the elimination of junk food sold to children through vending machines during school hours, with all elementary schools in New York City having eliminated the sale of soda, candy and gum;
  • Participated as one of four experts at the Annual Children’s Aid Society’s Symposium on a panel addressing health issues affecting New York City’s children;
  • Donna’s work with the Go! Children program was featured in the 2004 documentary titled, “Obesity—A National Crisis” that aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s “City Talk” as well as on “Keeping Children Healthy” that aired on PBS in May 2005.
  • Provided a testimonial for a published book entitled “Institute for Integrative Nutrition,” released in Fall 2005;
  • In 2009/2010, Donna personally became involved in her local parent/school committee to impact significant changes to the lunch menu serving 3,000 children daily by introducing only natural and fresh made foods, hormone free milk and meat without antibiotics;
  • NOK co-authored the release of the 2010 United Way Fun Fit and Fly publication by adding nutritional content to support educating preteens about healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Published The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville.
  • Developed two after-school health and cooking classes at the New York I Have a Dream, Melrose II program. The five-week health and wellness seminar was developed for children ages 8–12. The seminar included cooking classes, nutritional education, and a hands-on drumming program to support stress release.
  • Donna Terjesen joined the Children’s Aid Society and volunteered her time to assist them in developing and launching Go! Kids, a pilot obesity prevention program. The Go! Kids program is a school-based model, which in 2003 served 70 children and their parents in New York City’s low-income elementary schools. DOES THE PROGRAM STILL EXIST?
  • Completely revised the children’s and parent’s curricula for the Children’s Aid Society’s Go! Kids Program; hiring and training health educators; forecasting budgets; grant writing; and responding to media requests.
  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • In this "fast food nation" of ours today, Donna Terjesen, Nutritional Health Counselor, CEO and Founder of Nourish Our Kids, Inc., has set the tone for aiding parents in a calmer, healthier and most positive way.  She gives simplistic and realistic solutions without medicating our children.  She rewards our children and validates their presence in our lives.  Donna's teachings have given another effective dimension to Parenting Skills Improvement.  I wouldn't want to be without Donna on my team, in supporting the families of today.

    Marriage and Family Therapist
    Steinway Child and Family Services, MA