About Nourish Our Kids

About the CEO and Founder: Donna Terjesen

Donna Terjesen

Donna Terjesen, the co-founder of Nourish Our Kids, can be described as a survivor, mother, teacher, leader, lecturer, and optimist. In November 1992, Donna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was treated with a number of synthetic drugs that resulted in weight gain and continuous lethargy. With little support from her neurologist, she took matters into her own hands and attempted to regain control of her life and health single-handedly. After devoting countless hours researching alternative medicine and natural therapies, she changed her diet to whole and natural foods, gaining an increased energy level and a newfound spirit. By 1997, she and those around her noticed a dramatic improvement in her health. Donna’s successful weight loss and revitalized strength had her feeling like her old self, with a much brighter outlook on life.

Amazed with Donna’s health improvements, her friends, family and co-workers suddenly began seeking dietary advice from her, which led her to enroll in a nutrition school in 2001 where she received certification as a health counselor. In addition to gaining a wealth of information on good health and nutrition, Donna also discovered that she could be an effective teacher and lead people to make healthy lifestyle changes.  She wanted to share her passion and became fully committed to supporting parents and children who had health and nutrition needs.

As a wife and full-time working mother of three daughters, Donna understands how families may opt for the quickest and easiest meal solutions, which typically are not the healthiest, (fast food, late night dinners, and/or unsupervised consumption of snacks and junk food). As a professional with over 20 years of successful sales and management experience in the corporate world, she knows first-hand how easily it is for working adults and their families to fall victim to unhealthy lifestyles. Given the limited information and services that support families and balanced lifestyle, and aware of the fact that most families are made up of full-time working parents, Donna wanted to develop a program that enabled her to reach children directly. There were two goals — to educate children about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes wholesome foods and regular exercise, and to have them pass that education to their families, who might not have the time or access to these resources. To accomplish these goals, Donna and her friend Angela Pariselli-Velez founded Nourish Our Kids, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to educating children and their families on ways to maintain a more natural, healthy diet and lifestyle.

About the COO and Co-Founder: Angela Pariselli-Velez

Angela Pariselli

Angela’s strong marketing, management, and legal background complement her responsibilities for business development, marketing and customer intelligence, administration, finance, and operation of Nourish Our Kids. She and co-founder Donna Terjesen co-authored NOK’s first children’s storybook, The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville. In addition, Angela has worked tirelessly in outreach and marketing and has been actively involved in all business management, design and product development for NOK’s 2012 media products including the iPhone and iPad games, character 3D illustrations, music and video.

Nourish Our Kids’ mission hits close to home with Angela. Since early childhood, she has faced challenges with weight issues. As a result, she is a strong proponent of NOK’s children’s platform and hopes to help children avoid many of the challenges she faced growing up, many of which were due to a lack of information and availability of resources. Today more than ever, Angela recognizes the importance of and the need for nutrition education and early intervention. She is quite certain that if such programs existed when she was a child, she would not have the health problems and weight issues she faces today.

  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Thank you for coming in and teaching our class about Nutrition and health. I have heard many guest speakers and I must say, I enjoyed and learned the most from you. It was a pleasure listening to your interesting and helpful facts. Because of you, I will change my lifestyle, in a good way. I thought that this was going to be a boring lecture but within ten minutes it was the best one I have ever had the pleasure to listen and learn about. I am thrilled about starting a new, fresh start to my life style because of you. I am going to live on a healthy, balanced diet which will help me to a more fun and successful life! I am so excited that I am starting right away. Thank you once again for coming in on your busy lives and talking to our class.


    8th Grade