About Nourish Our Kids

Board of Directors

  • Susan Cucchiara, ND
  • Beatrice Deas
  • Gerald Deas, MD
  • Thomas H. Engelhardt, CPA, PFS, CMA
  • Angela Pariselli-Velez
  • Jennifer Schiffman
  • Donna Terjesen
  • The NOK Rockers: Trouble in Slowville
  • Donna has brought and continues to bring, not only her experience as a mother, but her research and education as a Certified Nutritional Therapist to her workshops at Borders Books in Westbury, over the years. She shares concepts that have shaped her theories on raising healthy children with simple, basic nutrition that makes sense and is easy to live with in today's busy households. The recommended reading list reads like a bibliography of the best of whole food cooking. Audience participation and shared successes round out the evenings and keep people coming back.

    Events Coordinator
    Border Bookstores, NY